Twitter Widget per WordPress 2.8

Ho sviluppato il plugin partendo da quello realizzato da Sarah Isaacson e usando l’esempio di widgettizzazione di Justin Tadlock.

Avevo bisogno di un widget di twitter che fosse moltiplicabile, e che mostrasse l’immagine.

Lo potete scaricare qui:

WG Twitter Widget


I developed, starting from the existing widget of Sarah Isaacson, and using the example widget of Justin Tadlock a new twitter widget for wp 2.8.

I needed of a multiple widget for different twitter account. And i needed of the image to be showed in my widget, so that’s it, you can download it from here:

WG Twitter Widget

7 thoughts on “Twitter Widget per WordPress 2.8

  1. Brian says:


    First of all, thank you for making this twitter widget. I’m currently using it in my personal blog and it works great. I just want to know if the tweets in my widget can be in bullet format? Right now they just list down but for those unfamiliar yet, it’s a bit confusing to read. It would be better if each tweet will start with a bullet in the list.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Brian
    What do you mean with bullet format?
    Actually it use javascript to create an ul-li format, if you want a bullet list maybe you can work with css to show bullet on it!

  3. RED says:


    Thanks for this great widget , i think it is great, however i am having some issues with it, sometime when the script that is called : Fails to load , nothing at all is displayed. i don’t know if there is any way to display a message if the script does not load. to fill in that white space, some thing like ” Please click here to refresh” or something like this…

    Great work, and thanks again..

  4. Thanks. I use your widget and enjoy it. Bug: I check the show photos box and show only first photo box. It works perfectly on the right sidebar and does not work on the left sidebar.
    anyway – thanks. I am using 2.8.5 through godaddy.

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